Friday, December 17, 2010

Yanti Bersaudara

Philips 112 608 RE

A1 - Pepito
A2 - Bunga Bangsa
B1 - Surya Dan Dewi Malam
B2 - Nachoda

The Yanti Sisters were Yani, Tina and Iin Parlina Hardjakusumah, the latter was later involved with the Bimbo band. They released 3 albums and a handful of EPs, even a Christmas themed one that can be found over at Madrotter. The backing band here is Pantja Nada.

Trio Visca

Irama EPLN 18

A1 - Tjempaka
A2 - Putus Dudjung Tahun
B1 - Mari Bergembira
B2 - Tjinta Kasihku

Trio Visca was a vocal harmony girl group from Indonesia consisting of the 3 sisters Winny, Ria and Widyawati. They named the group after their respective Zodiac signs; Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer.

The backing band on the EP is Gaja Remadja and the producer is guitarist Ireng Maulana, a member of the Eka Sapta band.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zainab Ahmad & S. Moorelhuda dengan The Alfan

Olympic T.R.C. 1069

A1 - S. Noorelhuda - Chaya Tarian
A2 - Zainab Ahmad - Ratapan Bahagia
B1 - Zainab Ahmad - Jangan Angan2
B2 - S. Noorelhuda - Rupa Tarian

A third entry for The Alfan band on StereoMono, this time backing two girls on a split EP. It seems The Alfan could do no wrong and all of their music I've heard is consistently excellent!

One of the singers is called S. Moorelhuda on the cover and S. Noorelhuda in the track list, not sure what is correct.

The Rezas - Pertemuan di Malam Pesta

Life LMEP 8804

A1 - Pertemuan Di Malam Pesta
A2 - Berkenalan
B1 - Mencari Kepastian
B2 - Musafir Kelana

The Rezas was Malaysian 1970s band that sounds like they were a bit influenced by Santana. This EP was produced by M. Daud who's probably the same guy as M.Daud Kilau.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sarena Hashim - Setiap Masa

 EMI Parlophone S-EGEP-800
Singapore - 1975

A1 - Setiap Masa
A2 -  Kenangan Manis
B1 - Kanda Dan Dinda (dengan Dave)
B2 - Bergembira

Sarena Hashim was a a prolific artist during the seventies, sometimes backed by what was arguably the most successful Singaporean group ever; The Quests.  The Quest's guitarist Reggie Verghese is present as aproducer for this EP as well. "Kanda dan Dinda" is a duet with DJ Dave who is still performing, and "Bergembira" is a version of Emy Jackson's classic "Crying in a Storm," here sung in Malay.