Thursday, November 11, 2010

S. Salim dengan The Alfan - Majlis Pengatin

Olympic - T.R.C. 1068

A1 - Bimbang
A2 - Majlis Pengantin
B1 - Surat Dari Kekaseh
B2 - Terjalin Chinta

The Alfan strikes back!  
...and sound just as great backing S. Salim as they did in my earlier post Jeti dengan The Alfan. The last track is actually credited to S. Salim & Jiti, who's probably the same as Jeti..


  1. Just found ya. Added a link over at Pen & Mallet. Hope I can send you some business. Love what you are doing.

  2. Who is the female singer in the album

  3. thanks for the link icastico, and glad you enjoy my blog!

    terangbulan, the female singer is a girl called Jiti, whom I believe to be the same girl as the Jeti dengan The Alfan EP of my previous post. I have also seen another EP where she was credited as K. Jeety.