Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malaysia Big Band Music of India

Golden Horse GHEP 1055

band: 馬樂印度大樂隊
title: 一曲難忘
A1 - 不要拋棄我 (Do Not Leave Me)
A2 - 阮不知啦 (Nguyen Did Not Know Friends)
B1 - 無情火車 (Ruthless Train)
B2 - 戀愛季節 (Love Season)

This is quite a curiosity! Popular Chinese songs played Indian style by a Malaysian band replete with sitar and tablas but still retaining that organ sound so typical of Malay music of the period.

The translation of the titles is courtesy of the Google translate service so I have no idea if they're even close to correct, or if poor Nguyen really didn't know any friends..

A quick search on YouTube give multiple results for each of these songs, and here's links to some of my favorite vocal versions:
Track 1: 
Track 2:
Track 3:
Track 4:


  1. Interesting compilation; the track number two was performed by cambodian's khmer rouge murdered golden voice Ros Sereysothea as "Bar Bong Srolaunh Kyoum", i don't know if it is the original version, maybe the chinese one is the true...check this, uploaded for you:


    Cheers SM!!


  2. Awesome, I love Ros Sereysothea! Thanks a lot Crazy Monkey :-)

  3. So, if you want more, i have a big great Ros Sereysothea collection, besides the stuff posted in my blog, just ask for it!

    Greetings pal.


  4. wow, this is a great record! never heard something like this, how cool. i think the band name might be more accurately written 馬來印度大樂隊 (mǎlái yìndù dà yuèduì), or "malay indian big band". also i believe the best translation for track 2 would simply be "i don't know"

    oh also! i left a comment for you on your flickr!

  5. oh and thanks crazy monkey!
    i believe it's originally a taiwanese folk song

  6. Thanks Peter! I think "I Don't Know" is not nearly as cool a title as "Nguyen Did Not Know Friends" though :-)

    It is an unusual EP for sure, haven't seen anything similar to this before. There's lots and lots of Malay versions of Indian (mostly Hindi) film music songs and I will be posting some examples of that soon.

    As for your question on flickr; the Pong Prida EP will be up shortly!

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