Friday, January 28, 2011

Pong Prida - Sao Yu Ban Dai

ปอง ปรีดา (Pong Prida)
สาวอยู่บ้านได๋ (sao yu ban dai)
Crown CT-5152

A1 - สาวอยู่บ้านได๋
A2 - กุหลาบอีสาน
B1 - เทพีเชียงใหม่
B2 - รวงทิพย์ธารทอง

To commemorate the passing of Pong Prida at the age of 79 on January 6. 2011 here's a great EP with 4 of his sad luk thung songs. The title track, สาวอยู่บ้านได๋ (sao yu ban dai), can also be found in a different (later?) version on this monrakplengthai post.


  1. thanks so much for this!!
    when i was doing research for that post i kept hearing recording dates from the early 60's for "sao yu ban dai", but the recording on my tape sounded much more modern than that. this definitely seems to be the original, recorded with the chularat band, but it's so hard to find... seems the recording with wah guitar has eclipsed it. so glad to finally hear this, thanks again!

  2. Walking into experts is like a climbing session on giant's shoulders, thanks a lot pal!!!



    Ps. Sadly new the singer passed away, hope she's in the way of return to life.

  3. I mean he passed away...sorry (i was moony by the thai lady on cover)