Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fahim Sadi Sings

FS Records 469-4503

A1 - Dark Glasses
A2 - I Love You
A3 - Saken El Magdal
B1 - Dal Ouna
B2 - Al La La
B3 - My Broken Heart

Awesome belly dancing music from Palestinian singer and multi-instrumentalist Fahim Sadi. The blurb on the back cover tell us about the girl on the front cover:
"Antoinette Awayshak from Damascus Syria expresses the beauty and the art of the Arabic dance in its most authentic form. Her magnetic interpretation of the sounds of middle eastern music has made her one of the most famous dancers in this country."
I guess "this country" refers to USA were both Fahim and Antoinette have been living for many years.

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