Saturday, October 23, 2010

Johnny Yuma Thai EP

Coliseum Records
Thailand - ca.1967

A - มีศักดิ์ นาครัตน์ (Misak Nakharat) - จอหนนี่ ยูม่า
B1 - The Wilder Brothers - Johnny Yuma
B2 - The Wilder Brothers -That Silent Man

Johnny Yuma was a 1967 Italian western film with music composed by Nora Orlandia. The 2 tracks here was performed by The Wilder Brothers, which was a pseudonym used by John Ireson & Wayn Parham for many Spaghetti Western films.  The original record was released as a 2 track single on RCA Victor. This Thai edition feature an extra track by Misak Nakarat singing the title song  backed by ขบวน มุกดา (Khabuan Mukda)'s "The Son of P.M." and Thai lyrics provided by Mr. P.M. himself: พยงค์ มุกดา (Phayong Mukda).

Misak Nakharat was a singer and actor and reputedly the first practitioner of rock'n'roll music in Thailand. You can find a whole Misak album and a lot more information than I'd be able to provide on the great monrakplengthai blog:

taek dang phlo

be sure to also check the later Khabuan Mukda instrumental electone album on the same blog:

electone '81, vol. 4

Many thanks to Peter at monrakplengthai for all his help with transcriptions of my Thai records!!

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