Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nahid Akhtar - Nahid's Choice (1976)

 His Masters Voice LKDA-5083 - Pakistan - 1976

A1 - Aaj Na Socho (composer: Karim Shahabuddin)
A2 - Hangama Hai KayoonM. (composer: M. Ashraf)
A3 - Khullam Khulla Pyar (composer: Chandar Mohan and Beliram)
A4 - Aaja Meri Bahon Men (composer: Chandar Mohan and Beliram)
A5 - Aaj Ham Donon (composer: Bakhshi Wazir)
A6 - Charhti Jawani (composer: Kamal Ahmad)
B1 - Mohabbat Bech Dete (composer: M. Ashraf)
B2 - Ailo Muk Geya (composer: Kamal Ahmad)
B3 - Rang Bhari Hai (composer: Karim Shahabuddin)
B4 - Aisa Lagta Hai (composer: A. Hamid)
B5 - Dil To Keya Cheez Hai (composer: M. Ashraf)

For those who got a taste for "The Sound of Wonder" and want more of the same; here's a great compilation of Lollywood film music sung by the divine Nahid Akhtar.


    1. Hi, and thank you for all these amazing artifacts. I just stumbled across this place. And I'm very much looking forward to coming back. Thanks again.

    2. I enjoyed this lp very much. All my gratitude for your share and taste in music!!


    3. I'd love to hear this, would a reup be possible?